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Friday, May 17, 2019

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Road work in DVCA Community
Start Time: 6am to 6pm

SNC has the DVCA slurry seal project scheduled for next week starting Monday May 13th.  We will be handing out the notices with the colored layout this week to each resident, contractor, and clubhouse.  The map for each day will be attached to the door hanger.   The map and the notice can be downloaded by clicking on these links:

Slurry Notification 

Slurry Notification MAP


Monday Day 1 – Green

Tuesday Day 2 – Yellow

Wednesday Day 3 – Orange

Thursday Day 4 – Blue

Friday Day 5 – Red (Palmer Gate will be an am/pm slit with traffic control allowing access to the Golf Course, etc.) 

 **** The access road at the end of La Costa Cir to Stonehaven Ct will be open during the road work.


Please take the following into consideration; 

  1. If a car is left on the street in the way of the project, it will be re-located within the association by a tow truck.
  2. All residents are encouraged to change their Dr appointments, including deliveries and landscapers.  With 810 residents it is very difficult to meet everyone’s needs.
  3. Please have patience.  This schedule is for 1 week and the entire community will be complete.  Depending on our climate and traffic loads the slurry seal typically will last 5 to 6 years between applications.
  4. Move vehicles the night prior of the work being completed on your street or by 6 am the day of the work.  Roads will be closed the day of work so owners will not have access to enter and exit their driveways/garages.
  5. Street parking overnight on streets not schedule the following day for work will be permitted during the project time to allow owners to move their vehicles the night prior to the work beginning.   Owners will not be penalized for parking on the street overnight during the paving project.

 SNC will provide the following; 

  1. SNC has notified Waste Management and trash day remains the same.  We ask residents to put their cans out early for pick-up prior to the slurry seal. 
  2. Palmer Gate on the last day will be spilt in ½ allowing traffic throughout the day.  Our traffic supervisor and superintendents will manage this during the day. 
  3. Each day we start by cleaning the streets and then applying the slurry seal by 7:30am to 8am.  The goal is to reopen each street by 6pm.  This is noted on the door hanger.  Some streets may open sooner than others depending on the drying process.  But we will always open them as soon as possible.
  4. Notifications and colored maps will be delivered to each resident in advance.
  5. NO PARKING cones will be placed throughout the neighborhoods 24 to 48 hours in advance of the slurry seal as a secondary reminder.
  6. During the project SNC will close each street using cones, signs, & ribbon.  Before the slurry seal starts on each street we will place a cone in each driveway as a last reminder.
  7. If there is a rain delay then the residents impacted would receive a re notification with a new scheduled date.  This is mentioned in the door hanger. 
  8. Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles will always be allowed during an emergency. 

If residents make the decision to drive on the wet slurry seal the homeowner is responsible for their car damage along with the roadway damage or reseal.

Please contact CAMCO with any questions or concerns by using the Contact Us feature on the website; select  Property Management in the "Send To" dropdown.