Here are some answers to some questions we get asked regularly.  If you have a question AND an answer, please use the Contact Us page and select the "Newsletter/Website" Send To option.  

  • How do I get a Visitor's Parking Pass?
    Use the Contact Us page (click here) and select "Request Parking Pass" from the Send To drop down.  Make sure to include how to contact you. 
  • What if I see a dead animal in the street within the DVCA neighborhood, how do we get it removed?
    Small animals can be removed by our landscaping contractor. Small animals meaning skunk, squirrel, bird, goose. Larger animals, like a coyote, bear, large dog, horse, are probably going to have to be removed by some county agency. This has not been a problem for us so if it occurs, we will update this answer as information is gathered through our experience.
    Contact the Landscaping Committee using the Contact Us page (click here) and selecting "Landscaping" from the Send To drop down.  Make sure to include location of the animal.  

Golf Course
  • How to get a Golf Course Sprinkler to stop hitting my house?
    Contact CAMCO by going to the Contact Us page at http://www.dvcahomeowners.com/contact.php " and select Property Management in the dropdown.  Make sure you include your home address and what hole (if you know) fairway you are on.  
    Or call the golf course directly at (775) 246-7888.  They will be happy to stop sprinkling your home!

Landscape / Architecture
  • Where is the form to make changes to my landscape?
    Go to Documents > HOA Documents and then click on Architectural Change Application.   Or, you can click on this link to get to the HOA Documents page.

Management Company
  • What is our Management Company address?
    Our management company can be reached at:
    CAMCO, 704 W Nye Lane Suite 101, Carson City, NV 89703
  • What is our Management Company phone number?
    -The CAMCO phone number is 775-515-4242.