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  • chevron_rightWhen can I post a political sign?
    The association governing documents do not specifically reference “political signs”.
    Nevada Law:    Right to Exhibit Political Signs  NRS 116-325
    The executive board and governing documents must not prohibit a unit’s owner or an occupant from exhibiting one or more political signs, subject to the following conditions:
    • All political signs exhibited must not be larger than 24 inches by 36 inches.
    • If the unit is occupied by a tenant, the unit’s owner may not exhibit any political sign unless the tenant consents, in writing, to the exhibition of the political sign.
    • All political signs exhibited are subject to any applicable provisions of law governing the posting of political signs.
    • A unit’s owner or an occupant of a unit may exhibit as many political signs as desired but may not exhibit more than one political sign for each candidate, political party or ballot question.
     …“political sign” means a sign that expresses support for or opposition to a candidate, political party or ballot question in any federal, state or local election or any election of an association.
     Lyon County Code7.02.04: POLITICAL SIGNS:
    Time Limits: Political signs may be erected no more than sixty (60) days before a primary election and shall be removed by the candidate within thirty (30) days after the applicable election.