Here are some answers to some questions we get asked regularly.  If you have a question AND an answer, please use the Contact Us page and select the "Newsletter/Website" Send To option.  

  • chevron_rightWhat if I see a dead animal in the street within the DVCA neighborhood, how do we get it removed?
    Small animals can be removed by our landscaping contractor. Small animals meaning skunk, squirrel, bird, goose. Larger animals, like a coyote, bear, large dog, horse, are probably going to have to be removed by some county agency. This has not been a problem for us so if it occurs, we will update this answer as information is gathered through our experience.
    Contact the Landscaping Committee using the Contact Us page (click here) and selecting "Landscaping" from the Send To drop down.  Make sure to include location of the animal.  
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  • chevron_rightWhen can I post a political sign?
    The association governing documents do not specifically reference “political signs”.
    Nevada Law:    Right to Exhibit Political Signs  NRS 116-325
    The executive board and governing documents must not prohibit a unit’s owner or an occupant from exhibiting one or more political signs, subject to the following conditions:
    • All political signs exhibited must not be larger than 24 inches by 36 inches.
    • If the unit is occupied by a tenant, the unit’s owner may not exhibit any political sign unless the tenant consents, in writing, to the exhibition of the political sign.
    • All political signs exhibited are subject to any applicable provisions of law governing the posting of political signs.
    • A unit’s owner or an occupant of a unit may exhibit as many political signs as desired but may not exhibit more than one political sign for each candidate, political party or ballot question.
     …“political sign” means a sign that expresses support for or opposition to a candidate, political party or ballot question in any federal, state or local election or any election of an association.
     Lyon County Code7.02.04: POLITICAL SIGNS:
    Time Limits: Political signs may be erected no more than sixty (60) days before a primary election and shall be removed by the candidate within thirty (30) days after the applicable election.