• chevron_rightWere DVCA HOA Assessments increased?
    A: Yes, on October 26th BOD meeting, board members; L. Carr, D. Drury, K. Mitchell, C. Cole, J. Kepler and S. Gallisdorfer all voted to adopt the 2023 budget that included an assessment increase of $5 per month, starting in January 2023.  
  • chevron_rightWhen is the next DVCA Community Newsletter expected to be published?
    The Newsletter & Website Committee strives to publish the monthly newsletter on the second Friday of each month. The next edition is expected to be published on May 12th. The DVCA newsletter is compiled by volunteers, and the Newsletter & Website Committee is always looking for volunteers, especially with technical skills to help with the newsletter each month. Reach out through 'Contact us' page on the DVCA website, if you are interested in joining or come to the next meeting at the DV Clubhouse @1pm on May  11th. 
    For the latest Newsletter (April 2023): Click HERE
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  • chevron_rightWhat flags are permitted in the CC&Rs?
    The American Flag and State of Nevada Flag are specifically permitted in our CC&Rs. Political flags are not permitted per the CC&Rs.
  • chevron_rightWhen can I post a political sign?
    The association governing documents do not specifically reference “political signs”.
    Nevada Law:    Right to Exhibit Political Signs  NRS 116-325
    The executive board and governing documents must not prohibit a unit’s owner or an occupant from exhibiting one or more political signs, subject to the following conditions:
    • All political signs exhibited must not be larger than 24 inches by 36 inches.
    • If the unit is occupied by a tenant, the unit’s owner may not exhibit any political sign unless the tenant consents, in writing, to the exhibition of the political sign.
    • All political signs exhibited are subject to any applicable provisions of law governing the posting of political signs.
    • A unit’s owner or an occupant of a unit may exhibit as many political signs as desired but may not exhibit more than one political sign for each candidate, political party or ballot question.
     …“political sign” means a sign that expresses support for or opposition to a candidate, political party or ballot question in any federal, state or local election or any election of an association.
     Lyon County Code7.02.04: POLITICAL SIGNS:
    Time Limits: Political signs may be erected no more than sixty (60) days before a primary election and shall be removed by the candidate within thirty (30) days after the applicable election.
  • chevron_rightHow do I submit a compliant or a fix to a violation?
    Please contact First Service Residential directly with any complaints or to report any violations. Do not submit violations or fixes to violations to Board members, as the management company is the appropriate entity to handle all homeowner complaints and violations.
    First Service Residential, DVCA Community Manager
    Contact Info: daytonvalley@fsrnevada.com or at 775-624-8805
  • chevron_rightCall for photos for the dvcahomeowners.com website
    Call for Photos of the DVCA
    The Newsletter & Website Committee is putting a call out to any HOA member who wants to submit photos of the DVCA community to be used in our  DVCA communications; website, newsletters, flyers, etc. with photo credit.
    Upload photos by May 10th, 2023, to the DVCA website via ‘Contact Us’ (use "Call for Photos" Send To) and the Website Admin will reply with a photo release to sign. Photos should be professional & must not include people.
    If you have any questions, send them to the website Admin by the same method in the previous paragraph and you should have a response within 2 business days. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR TALENTS!  We plan on refreshing our website pictures regularly beginning this summer and your help is vital for us to meet our goals.